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I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • The idyllic little fishing harbour of Torsken. All you could hear was the sound of the water splashing against the boats. ✨ #visitnorway #senja #northernnorway
  • My journey in Northern Norway has now ended, but certainly not the images I will still post on here, I have taken so many! 📷It  all still feels like a dream. ✨ 🇳🇴✨ #visitnorway #northernnorway
  • Yesterday, I saw the most epic sunset ever. The sky was on fire! What an amazing piece of nature. 💛💜❤️ #northernnorway #visitnorway
  • And the magic continues... I don’t want to sleep here;  sunrise, sunset, northern lights and low light to catch. A photographers dream! 😍📷🇳🇴 #northernnorway #visitnorway
  • The nature of Northern Norway, is beyond my highest expectations. It is simply magical and breathtaking around every corner. A special thanks for @senjaexperience, who showed me the most amazing places here on this island. We even saw the northern lights yesterday, it was such an incredible experience! 🇳🇴 #northernnorway #visitnorway
  • Yesterday, I have arrived in one of my dream list destinations: Norway! I am here for the first time to explore the stunning nature this country has to offer. 💚 From Tromsø, I will explore the surroundings and the island of Senja the coming days. Make sure to check out my stories if you would like to see more of this journey. ✨🇳🇴 #northernnorway #visitnorway
  • The Stare | Dutch Silence II series. It lasted for two minutes, at least. 😳
  • If you would like to find out more about my recent stay with @Huttopiaeurope at Noirmoutier, then check out my latest blog, in where I highlight all the natural gems of this idyllic little island! Find it here: (Music Credits: Phil Larson - Soul on fire)

#huttopia #myhuttopia #glamoing  #photography #silence #nature #landscape #landscapephotography #france #noirmoutier #instavideo #travel #destinations #blog #huttopia #beach #visitfrance #atoutfrance
  • Congratulations to @rotterdam_info for making the Eurovision Song Contest happen here in Rotterdam! I am sure it will be a huge party!🤘🏻🎉🎵
  • We do have mountains in the Netherlands. 👉🏻🗻 Read more about my Dutch Mountains photo series:  #8465mm #dutchmountains
  • Together with @ixxiyourworld, I have the great opportunity to share a Q&A with you on their stories next Friday! 😃Ask me anything... Check out my stories for more. 👆🏻#ixxiyourworld #q&a #walldecoration #wallart
  • Our adventures here on Noirmoutier have come to an end now. I will miss those beautiful summer evenings. We have made memories to treasure forever. 🇫🇷✨ @huttopiaeurope #huttopia #myhuttopia #glamping